PCS Training

Registration for the PCS Training is still open!

The PCS trainings of the NorthSea-Baltic are organized in the cooperation with other corridors will take place on:

  • 6th - 7th February in Frankfurt: jointly organized by RFC Rhine-Alpine, Scan-Med, Orient/East-Med, and North Sea-Baltic

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  • 13th - 14th February in Warsaw: jointly organized by RFC Baltic-Adriatic, North Sea-Baltic, Czech-Slovak and Amber

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  • 19th - 20th February in Budapest: jointly organized by RFC Orient/East-Med, Czech-Slovak, North Sea – Baltic and Amber

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Our annual training focuses on the corridor specific functions in the PCS and provides you with valuable, practical insights needed for requesting Capacity on the Rail Freight Corridors for timetable 2021. Moreover, the training enhances your knowledge by introducing you to (new) features and functions in PCS in general, informing you about the news for TT2021 and giving you the chance to practice live with individual and corridor-specific exercises. If there is a need for a PCS training at your company, please contact Felicia Riedl the RFC NS-B C-OSS Manager.