Changes in communication on section Hannover – Berlin.

Due to a train collision of 2 freight trains between Meinersen and Leiferde (nearby Gifhorn) (route Hanover – Wolfsburg) on Thursday, November 17 at around 3:26 am, the ICM case (international incident lasting longer >3 days) is declared by DB Netz for RFC OEM and RFC NS-B, the affected area is on both corridors. The accident train was carrying tank wagons with propane gas, 4 wagons and loco derailed.

DB Netz AG is currently working on the pumping the gas out from the wagons. Construction works will start next week. Track damage will continue at least until December 16, 2022.


Re-routing available:

  • Wittenberg-Stendal-Magdeburg
  • Hannover – Gottingen – Nordhausen - Halle -  Magdeburg
  • Hannover – Bebra – Erfurt – Halle -  Magdeburg

Re-routing not available due to construction works:

  • Hannover – Braunschweig – Magdeburg
  • Braunschweig – Wolfsburg

Re-routing not available due to being used as main line for passenger re-routing:

  • Hannover – Uelzen – Stendal - Magdeburg


Long-running East-West vv Freight traffic from/to/via the Ruhr-Area is best re-routed via Hanover-Göttingen-Halle or via Bebra-Erfurt.

Telcos with affected RU´s along the closed section are taking place on a national basis continuously.