Line closure in the section Recklinghausen Ost - Recklinghausen-Blumenthal (VzG 2250).

22 November 2021: Official announcement of DB Netz AG.

In the course of a regular bridge inspection, damage to the bridge structures Övelgönnestraße at km 30.500 of the VzG 2250 in Recklinghausen Ost was detected, which makes an immediate closure of the section Recklinghausen Ost - Recklinghausen Blumenthal in both directions of travel necessary. Currently, a closure is expected until spring 2022. Freight trains will be diverted. Dispositional measures will be taken by the operations centre as far as possible. Further dispositional arrangements are to be agreed individually with the occasional traffic until a diversion concept is drawn up. It is suggested to contact customer service if there are any further questions.