Renaming of DB Netz AG to DB InfraGO AG

DB InfraGO AG will regroup the former organizations DB Netz AG and DB Station&Service AG as of 01.01.2024

The DB Supervisory Board has launched the infrastructure company DB InfraGO AG, which is geared towards the common good. DB Station&Service AG is merged with DB Netz AG. The new company is operating as DB InfraGO AG from 1st of January, 2024.

The goal of the organizational change is to pave the way for a high-quality infrastructure oriented towards quality, capacity and customer needs.

The foundation for the DB InfraGO program is the coalition contract of the German government which defines a new management regime for the railway infrastructure including tracks, stations and service facilities with a focus on renewal, digitalization and extension of the infrastructure network. A new financial architecture is being developed for a more flexible and sustainable funding. Finally, the program aims at a result-oriented management logic and organization with clear responsibilities and better KPIs. 

For customers, the organizational change has no impact on existing communication channels. Contracts will only need to be changed in exceptional cases.

For more information on the organizational change please visit: https://www.dbinfrago.com/