EU funding

Individual Infrastructure Managers constituting Management Board received the EU funds for the establishment of Rail Freight Corridor North Sea – Baltic and its further development. In the next years EEIG "RFC North Sea - Baltic" EZIG will be the beneficiary and will continue to work on Corridor improvement using the CEF funds.

Trans European Network - Transport

RFC North Sea – Baltic received financial support from the European Commission under the TEN-T Annual Call 2011. The TEN-T funding ended in December 2014.

Connecting Europe Facility

The CEF Transport instrument is the successor of the TEN-T Programme. Since January 2015 RFC North Sea - Baltic has been supported under the CEF Call within 2014 Multi-annual Work Programme. The Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA) supports European Commission in managing of the technical and financial implementation of the CEF instrument.

More information on CEF Transport instrument is available on INEA website.