Network of RFCs

All nine Rail Freight Corridors acknowledged the common aim of developing European Rail Freight Corridors in a competitive network and promotion of consistency of approaches for issues of cross-corridor interest.

The Management Boards of all RFCs shared and supported the vision of striving to make the RFC network the first choice for all cross-border freight traffic for their customers. Implementation of this vision encouraged RFCs to introduce the code of conduct in order to achieve best results:

  •  cooperate whenever deemed appropriate to improve the quality of corridor products and customer services;
  •  jointly foster compatible solutions for issues mutually identified as of primary and general interest to support seamless operations on an RFC network;
  • organize regular meetings of its representatives in order to define the common scope of cooperation for the RFCs;
  • participate in the above mentioned meetings on voluntary basis;
  • sketch proposals and suggest next steps for reaching a common approach;

  • make its efforts to work out and present common position towards the third parties whenever possible and required.


All eleven RFCs agrees to work towards the creation of a harmonized and customer-friendly network for rail freight transport across the Europe (click to enlarge).