Mission & Vision

“Make Rail Freight more competitive by offering high quality, customer-oriented products and by functioning as one integrated Infrastructure Manager”

The Rail Freight Corridor North Sea – Baltic shares and supports the vision of making the Corridor more competitive by offering new products and integrated approach in order to become the first choice for customers involved in international freight traffic. The Corridor perceives itself as a service provider and commits itself to offer innovative solutions which improve operational performance of its customers and at the same time promote railways’ key role in maintaining a sustainable transport system.

High quality & customer-oriented products

Two dedicated products for requesting capacity for international rail freight traffic were created: Pre-arranged Paths (PaPs) for annual timetable and Reserve Capacity for short term notice. Customers can place their requests in the international booking system called Path Coordination System (PCS), which are allocated by the Corridor One-Stop-Shop (C-OSS).

Functioning as one integrated Infrastructure Manager

C-OSS is a single contact point, which facilitates train path management for international rail freight along the corridor. PaPs are set up in a jointly process between Infrastructure Managers and Allocation Bodies with C-OSS coordination what ensures high quality harmonized product. This approach ensures that offered PaPs are optimized for international traffic.