Corridor One-Stop-Shop (C-OSS) facilitates train path management for international rail freight along the Rail Freight Corridor North Sea – Baltic. It is a single contact point allowing customers to request and receive answers regarding infrastructure capacity for international freight trains along this corridor.

Felicia Riedl is the RFC North Sea - Baltic C-OSS Manager.

phone: +49 69 265-26778
mobile: +4916097457524

e-mail: coss@rfc8.eu  

All involved infrastructure managers and allocation body along the RFC North Sea - Baltic agreed to set up a jointly process for Pre-arranged Paths (PaPs) and Reserve Capacity (RC) based on the already existing and harmonized international rules.



Single point of contact for international rail freight along the RFC North Sea - Baltic  (read more)


New functional interface for cross-border rail freight along the RFC North Sea - Baltic  (read more)

Additionally, the C-OSS, as a joint body of the Infrastructure Managers is acting as the working group leader of the working group “TT/COSS”.  
The group consists of Timetable representatives for each country involved in the RFC.  Based on the knowledge of national developments in rail freight transport and deep understanding of the market needs to be provided from the WG members, the WG can derive essential insights for capacity-related issues and further developments of the corridor.

It has become an effective part of the working method on the corridor to have several periodic meetings each year between the stakeholders involved. 

The annual working plan covers conceptual topics, e.g., further developments of the corridor products as well as the improvement and harmonization of processes and the revision of the Book IV’s capacity chapters. With its specialist know-how the corridor benefit from the mutual exchange of ideas and thus create added-value for the applicants along the corridor.  

Added values of C-OSS

New customer service concept for international rail freight capacity on the RFC North Sea - Baltic   (read more)

C-OSS offer

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