Pre-arranged Paths

PaPs are dedicated capacity for international rail freight, published in a path catalogue in the middle of January of each year for the following timetable (11 months before the timetable change). PaPs are defined in accordance with specific parameters such as load, length or locomotive type and are organized and presented in logical geographical sections. The PaP-catalogue is displayed in a transparent way in the IT tool called PCS and gives a basis for international train paths requests.

The C-OSS accepts capacity requests from railway undertakings, international groupings of railway undertakings and other persons or legal entities, such as shippers, freight forwarders and combined transport operators (in accordance with the Article 15 of Regulation (EU) 913/2010).

Customer Letter PaP publication TT2021

PaP Catalogue:

RFC North Sea - Baltic PaP Catalogue TT 2021

Bandwidth Flex-PaP on RFC NS-B for TT2021

Manual how to order PaPs in PCS