Added values of C-OSS

  • Internationality

Internationally coordinated and harmonized path catalogues with dedicated rail freight capacity along the RFC  North Sea – Baltic.

  • Transparency

A single point of contact and one jointly allocation decision on basis of harmonized corridor priority rules.

  • Reliability

Protection of PaPs against major changes during allocation phase and at the same time possibility to include small customized modifications.

  • Consistency

One booking tool (PCS) for  timetable offer and your international path requests.

  • Customizing

Providing dedicated capacity for international freight trains in form of PaPs for annual timetable and RC for ad-hoc traffic.

  • Service

All relevant information on timetable offers, for feeders and outflow paths as well as customer information at an early stage.

  • PCS (Path Coordination System)

IT tool managed by the Rail Net Europe (RNE) and available to applicants for international rail freight path applications.