Corridor Performance

Key Performance Indicators

The Key Performance Indicators are published once a year in Performance Report. The RFC North Sea - Baltic specific results for 2023 can be found here.

The common applicable RFC KPI which are published on RNE website can be found here.

RFC NS-Baltic Performance Report 2023

RFC NS-Baltic Performance Report 2022

RFC NS-Baltic Performance Report 2021

RFC NS-Baltic Performance Report 2020


Monthly Punctuality Reports

The Working Group Performance Management&Operations prepares a monthly report about punctuality development on the corridor.

The most recent Rail Freight Corridor North Sea – Baltic Punctuality Report can be found here.

2024 - Monthly reports

January February  March  April  May June

2023 - Monthly reports

January   February  March  April  May June July August September October November  December


2022 - Monthly reports

October November December 

If you need more information about punctuality on Rail Freight Corridor North Sea – Baltic or you would like to receive previous monthly reports, please send an email to